Women’s Roles in Norse Stories by John Tuttle

Yesterday I was thrilled to see this post on Twitter.

Fascinating reading, on Medium, with a quote from Sir Ernest Shackleton. Regular readers will know why I love that! Bera gets an amazing feature from John, here is an excerpt.

"Moreover, the overarching theme of all these stories is to prove to the reader the merit and potential of women as being equal to those of men. In looking at many of these stories, such as How to Train Your Dragon or the Book of Bera, it is through the welcomed cooperation between men and women, requiring humility and strength from both, that great deeds are accomplished. The final takeaway is that women deserve a share in authoritative roles. These stories strive to show that women are perfectly capable of tackling larger-than-life troubles, approaching them from a unique perspective, and overcoming them."

There are so many lovely parts of this article that short of copy and pasting it all, it's difficult to pick the best bits! So please head over to medium and give it a read. Huge thank you to John for putting together this article, it's work like this that gives me the fire in my belly to keep writing.

Read the full article

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