A Love Letter to School

On Saturday I went back to the school where I taught English for the longest, and happiest, time. Perhaps you've done this too, as staff or pupil. Did you dread it? I almost didn't go, but then I was also excited. What surprised me was the number of pupils who said I had made a big difference to their lives. Really? Thank goodness you don't know what power you wield as a teacher or you would be tongue-tied. The photo shows one of these pupils, Jon Mackley, who I last saw as a 14 year old. He's now an author and I'm holding one of his books. It was fascinating to hear all their stories and catch up with the headlines of the past 30 years (I know - I was a child teacher). So much loss and illness ... but told with humour and joy. Queens' School, Bushey, you were wonderful.

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