Nana and I aboard Freya

I've been asked a lot this summer about where the slightly archaic words come from that I use in The Book of Bera as vernacular Old Norse. Well, here's one of the speakers. Nana was born in Wales and died soon after this photo was taken, when many of her phrases seemed odd to me. Her grandfather George was born in Pembrokeshire in 1825. He grew up to become a sea captain with a fleet of ships which ferried stone from the quarries up the Cleddau River for government forts. That's almost Poldark era! I can touch it, through language. So you can spot skime and caffle as word examples in the book there are also attitudes that are harder to identify but very different from today. What family sayings do you have?

We are on the deck of Freya. My father (about to take a cigarette from the Guards packet) converted an old lifeboat to cabin cruiser. She too was lost, soon after this photo was taken, when the ice took her out of Langstone Harbour.

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