On 20 July 1969, like so many people then, my family clustered round a television set and peered at a dusty moon. But what I remember most is the colour poster on my bedroom wall of Earthrise. Only now do I realise this is what I describe in Obsidian, published 50 years later, as a glimpse Bera has of the unique perfection of our small world. What I foresaw in 1969, after the Summer of Love and this vision was that we would love and protect our planet; that we would join in global harmony, connected and at peace.

How wrong I was. The moon landing has given us the excuse to trash this planet on the false hope of shifting ourselves elsewhere. Connectedness has become a reality but given unprecedented opportunities for darkness and deceit. Global unity means global markets and disunity even within nations. What happened? My generation had the vision - but it was aspirational not inspirational. My hope rests now with our present youth, who seem better equipped to act.

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