The inspiration of Dragonglass

Photo by Alejandro on Unsplash

Risky substance, apparently, dragonglass. I only found out yesterday that George RR Martin's black stone, forged in a dragon's stomach, is obsidian. It's so deadly, it might kill the White Walkers, apparently. I make a different, no less dangerous use of it, in my book.

Will you miss Game of Thrones when this series is over? Until The Book of Bera trilogy is finished I’m not going near these books or tv series so what a treat I have in store! Why leave it, then?

‘There are no new ideas under the sun and it’s the way you tell the story that counts.’

Agreed ... and yet. Because writers are like sponges and we soak up everything. Ideas come in and out of fashion and it would look like copying to jump on the same popular bandwagon. Some things have an eternal appeal, however. Take Dragonglass. There is something so magical about this black stone that early man braved the Ice Road to trade for it 5000 years ago. Obsidian is made by fire, so fitted perfectly in my volcano theme in the new book, as it did being forged in a dragon’s stomach in Game of Thrones.

Obsidian started being made into jewellery over 10,000 years ago. Here I am, with an obsidian raven round my neck.

Obsidian Raven
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