The power of moving house

I want to talk about the power of moving house. It’s about letting go. So many people have noted the number of times I’ve moved as an adult (seven, plus five years sailing round the Med) and declared, ‘Oh, we’ve lived in the same place ever since we got married.’ Or, ‘I’m only a mile from where I was born.’ I shrug. Home is what I create, over and over. Yes, I held on grimly at first, until change was forced upon me by serial miscarriages, divorce and my new partner’s dream of sailing round the world. Now I’m grateful.

I think we all need to shake ourselves up. Our ancestors were nomadic, after all. Leave the past behind and look forward. Change brings renewal, whatever your age. Some friends told us yesterday that their eighty-year old parents had sharpened up, physically and mentally, since moving house again. The more you dread something, the greater the reward if you engage with the change. Problem-solving is good and takes many forms. Forget sudoku, here’s a few real-life puzzles:

  • Where to live

  • Dealing with vendors and buyers

  • Financial juggling and negotiation

  • What to leave behind and what fits the new house

  • Choosing décor

  • Remembering where you put things

  • All the admin: change of address etc

And some of the rewards:

  • Making new friends

  • Discovering what is really important and it may not be what you think

  • Furniture, lamps etc look different and you actually ‘see’ them

  • Finding new walks, shops, whole way of life may change

  • Being ‘out there’ and visible, not taken for granted or pigeon-holed or belittled by people who knew you as a child

​Moving house brings change, and change brings new opportunity, new thoughts and a new lease of life. Out with the old and in with the new. It also helps my writing because I get new ideas from every town, village, walk or social gathering. Cheers to a happy life in Sheet!

Here's a few pics of my new home! With all the books in pride of place...of course.

So lovely to have a garden again too...

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