Bera has gone properly Public

It was wonderful a year ago to thank supporters at the launch of their first edition in London.

Last week, I launched the paperback at Waterstones, Chichester, which was more daunting. Why? It wasn't the public nature of it that alarmed me; it was the feeling that friends wouldn't take me seriously as a writer. I was completely wrong. It was a warm, happy and supportive evening and I loved it. Many people there had read the hardback last year and wanted to buy the paperback for friends - but liked the format so much that they bought another copy for themselves. They pressed me for the sequel: it's of course already written, which is why I'm writing this update.

Earlier that day I happened to come across my first ever 'paperback' and the photo shows it beside my latest. At last!

Dan Kieran came and spoke a little about Unbound, which many of the 75 people there had not quite understood and some have asked me further questions. They appreciated hearing about the current state of the whole industry and how it affects readers. I sold every copy and I hope many will now pledge to Obsidian. Spread the word. The sooner I'm funded, the quicker it will be in the shops.

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